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My dream was a weird one.

It was a series of quick transitions between nightmares.

The first part of the dream starts off with an image of a woman abusing an old lady. This old lady was very frail and weak. The woman was punishing the old lady by burning her hands with a lit cigarette and slapping her. Then right as I was about to stop the woman, my dream quickly transitioned again and I ended up in a dark jail cell.

Inside this cell was a bunch of notes and a dead body. The dead body was the old lady that was being brutally abused during my first dream. I read the notes inside her cell. I couldn’t remember what they said, but all I could recall was after reading them, I started crying. I assumed what I read was very sad.

After reading the notes, the dead body of the old lady slowly started to rise up. She turns her head to look at me and her eyeballs were gone. All that was there was her eye sockets, bleeding. She crept up to me, asking me “Why?”

I couldn’t answer her question because I was terrified at her. I ran outside the cell and transitioned into a snowy mountain. I could feel and hear her screaming behind me. All of a sudden, she pounced behind my back and started gnawing at my flesh whilst loudly screaming “Why!’.

After that, I woke up facing my lit computer monitor.

But the nightmare wasn’t over. My mind was awake but my body is still in the nightmare. The images on my computer screen would suddenly change into visions of horror such as disfigured corpses and quick flashing images of the old lady that attacked me. I knew I was awake because it felt so real. I tried so hard to push myself to wake up, but I couldn’t. I could feel my eyes slowly closing again and forcing me to go back into that nightmarish world, but I kept fighting it and kept opening my eyes. I keep persuading myself that this is all just a dream.

When my body regained strength, I woke up again in front of my dimly-lit computer monitor. This time it was real and this time I could move my body. I quickly rushed outside, made coffee and now I’m typing this to wake me up.

What could it all mean?

Posted 1 year ago

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