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Recurring dream, Evil shadow, Turning into a monster, Eyes glowing, Be

I woke up in my bed (then did what I normally do in real life because I didnt think this was a dream) but all throughout me getting ready I felt uneasy, and like a was being watched but there was no one there, I started running around my house trying to get away but then I saw a shadow, it was my shadow, but it wasnt me it was to far away to be mine and it just seemed wrong, I started to see claws grow from my hands so, I ran into my bathroom but once I closed the door I was in a gas station bathroom ( or just like a really run down one ) and I looked at myself in the mirror and it was me, but then I started changing I grew taller, my hair turned black and my clothes disappeared, I was starting to become a shadow but I was still there, my teeth became sharper, at the end of me changing there was something about my eyes, they had started to glow with red, I went in to look at them better and my reflection grabbed me through the mirror and pulled me in. I started to hear laughing and then my view went black. (Side note, this is A dream that I have had many times and every time I have had it I have woke up paranoid).:

Posted 5 months ago

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