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Recurring dream of marrying my boyfriend (Redo)

Sorry about the last post. Im doing off my cell phone. Which sucks.

Anyways, my real life boyfriend and I been together for 7 months. Before we met, he dived into a rushed marriage with a woman he knew for only 3 months. As a result, the marriage started and ended quickly. Even though we discussed marriage and planned some wedding details, we decided to wait for a year or two and until we are in a better financial situation. But it is hard because our families are very religious and wont allow us to do certain things. Plus, we are both in the military and the military won’t allow us to do certain things unless we are married. So there is alot of pressure on getting married but I dont want rush into something we will both regret. Im afraid to rush into it and afraid that marriage will change the happy relationship we have now.

NOW TO THE DREAM!!(Finally, right?)

For the past few weeks, I dreamed that my boyfriend was marrying me. And he was preparing all the wedding details with our families without asking me. In the first dream, all the wedding details were perfect except the colors which when I asked to changed from purple to hot pink. The wedding took place on a white-sandy beach in Florida, which is actually our real life plans. The whole scenery was white with white wedding arch, wedding chairs, etc.

Everyone seemed happy expect me. I became even more furious when his mother picked a wedding dress I didn’t even like! In every dream, she picks a wedding dress with an embroidered, long sleeved top and a loose, flowing skirt (A-line dress). The dress came with a veil which had embroidered white flowers on top. His mother wanted me to try out the dress with the veil and all, which I did. When I did, an aura came around me and my wedding dress and veil were glistening. Then the bouquet of flowers in my hands wilted but were replaced with new ones.

After the wedding rehearsal and everything was arranged (without my permission or suggestions), I asked my boyfriend “When are we getting married?” And he said “I dont know, wanna get married tomorrow?” I looked at him like he was out of his mind and yelled at him for preparing a wedding without me. He was similing the whole time and said sweetly, “Okay, we will wait next year.”

Every dream has been like this. Everyone happily preparing a wedding without my knowledge and me being angry about the wedding details, not about the wedding being ptepared. Its the same thing over and over again. The only difference is that my boyfriend keeps asking me at the dream, “Do u wanna get married now?” I usually say, “No! I thought we talked about this! Next year!” And he would walk away sad and hurt. And our families would get disappointment because we didnt wed that day.

This morning, the dream changed a little. The dream began with me walking into a run-down reception hall with my boyfriend beside me. There we were: I was in the same wedding dress but this time with a mermaid bottom and he was in a tuxedo. We were looking and saw our families replacing all old and damaged stuff with new stuff. Then we saw his mother ordering everyone around. I was furious but everyone was happily preparing the reception instead of the ceremony this time.

I was yelling at boyfriend about the agreement but he happily ignored me. Then his mother made me try the A-line dress again withe flowing skirt and said, “You should stick with the mermaid dress.” And my boyfriend agreed with her.

Then the scene changed into the day of wedding. We were both walking down towards an opened gate with a man in a white robe standing in between the gate doors with an opened hand. The man was just as white as a robe and he didnt have a face.

My boyfriend and I, both in our wedding attire still, were walking and stopped in front of the gate. My boyfriend stopped and front of the man with the opened hand
And he stopped and turned to me. He said, “Do u wanna marry me now?” I looked at him and yelled again No! and reminded him about the agreement. He walked away hurt and sad. Families disappointed at me again because I wont get married.

I tried talking to his mother this time and said, “Well, I can’t couldn’t go through with it. We agreed on a time frame. Besides, I don’t want to marry the wrong guy-”

“Marry the wrong guy?” She snapped. “Hes the perfect guy for you and refuse to marry him! Look you hurt him because of your insecurities. Get over it.”

Then the dream ended just like that. Is this dream trying to tell me that Im insecured about getting married? What about my families replacing old and damaged stuff replacing with new stuff? I know this is a long and detailed dream but please help. Thanks.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

You are dealing with more than mere insecurities and you need to get to the bottom of things fast before you lose what matters to you most. It is clear to see that you are always finding reasons of not pushing through with the wedding and this can either be as a result of your mistrust in the union or your relationship. Flowers’ wilting in your hands is an indication that you need to face up to things or lose what you have. If you love your boyfriend, you should not have any issue on who plans the wedding but building a life with him. Therefore, take time and re-evaluate your priorities before making your decision and taking any step forward.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I keep dreaming my boyfriend either purposes to me or marries me I keep having them and don’t know why he has been talking to me about settling down with me and can see us together for years to come he says so is this just me or mabe a sign that thing’s are going to change for me soon?we have also been talking about moving in together too weve been together for 2 going on 3 years now

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