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Reoccurring dream; Being killed as a bird

I was a bird. I looked out into the world through bird eyes, I felt my wigs flap, just as any human feels their arm move. It was so natural. I\’m flying near my house, up in the sky. I know I\’m a bird, but when j close my eyes it feels like I\’m a human just flapping my arms and flying. It\’s like when you close your eyes and imagine being a different animal even though you know your human. That was the case in my dream, except I knew I was a bird. I was flying away from my house, and the suddenly hunters came. With long shotguns they tried shooting me out of the sky. In other versions of the dream I\’d be with other bird friends, and they too would be shot out the sky. I would have a deep sense of dread, and horrid anxiety attacks. I\’d try to get away from them, but it felt as if no amount of flapping could make me fly quicker. And they always seemed to be right under me.

Posted 3 months ago

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Interpretation #1

Birds in dreams can usually symbolize freedom. If you have this dream occur multiple times, it might mean something is stopping you from doing something else. If something important is taken from you in real life, your brain might just be distressed. Maybe you recognize that your friends are struggling too, that’s why they show up in your dream. You might just have a lot of pressure on you right now, try to relax. If you and your friends are actually stressed, consider the thought of school. The teachers could be hunters, taking away your free time with homework (only if you still go to school, or a boss at work etc.)The point is, I would consider a break because you sound anxious or occupied. I hope this helps!

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Answered By: lilyturner21(12 points Dream Interpreter)

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