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Im 17 now but Ever since I can remember I have dreams about my 18th birthday… And not in a good way. In some of them Ive been raped p.s I am a girl and theyre very vivid and some nights I wake up screaming in my bed. The most recent one I had was I was with my girlfriend and I we were out somewhere when we got to drunk to drive so we were walking, and some guy picked us up. I refused but my girlfriend insisted. So as we were driving something didnt feel right and I kept trying toDing ding ding good morning.. Ba ba ba baba good morning ba bu ba ba beautiful day!! Ding ding ding goodorning text my mom but it kept sending them to my cousin 2000 miles away. I blankly still remember the address to his house was 2173 an it was a small neighbor hood. He took my girlfriend upstairs and asked me to get a rag from his neighbors/guest house. When I went inside it was very dirty and the people were disgusting and I grabbed the rag and it was covered in blood. I had gotten so scared in my dream that I peed myself only in the dream, I didnt wet the bed and I went back to the guys house and had 911 on the phone and whispere the address and asked for help and the guy came and grabbed me and my girlfriend and I grabbed her hand and he shot us both in the head and then I woke up.

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

You are just too wired up for your 18th birthday. However, when you have recurring dreams that act like premonition, you should try and be a little careful. These dreams signifies that your 18th birthday is going to mark a big change as there will be a new phase that you will be entering. It is extremely important for you to understand the problems that you can suffer from and it is only when you manage to choose the right things that you will be able to ward off the troubles. So, be a little careful before your 18th birthday and don’t panic unnecessarily.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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