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Rest and relaxation

My husband keeps dreaming that he’s in the bath tub. He’s trying to relax but every time he does he hears a noise or sees a shadow in the bathroom where he is. The dream doesn’t seem to bother him either way but I’d like to know if it means anything.

Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Water is supposed to represent your emotions. If your husband is dreaming that he keeps being interrupted or startled in his bath then the meaning behind that is fairly simple to understand. Your husband is trying to come to terms with his emotions, or to be at peace with himself, but something is keeping him from doing so. Maybe it’s work, or bills, or family emergencies, but your husband feels like each time he thinks that he can settle down, another problem raises its head. It would be like trying to fall asleep but each time you manage to pull it off a door slams or a baby cries. It sounds like he just needs a vacation or some time to himself. This dream seems like a good measurement of his stress level.

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Answered By: Darius Dugar(1 points Novice)

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