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Rice balls

My dream is pretty simple actually. I dreamt that it was raining rice instead of snow. And then it snowed sugar and butter and both of them fell on top of the rice and coated it. When I woke up, I was both content and unbelievably hungry at the same time.

Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Rice may seem like a benign enough thing to dream about, but it actually has a positive meaning depending on how it’s portrayed. Usually rice expresses success as well as friendship. Because your rice was falling from the sky you’re probably feel as if you’re going to experience an overabundance of both. Sugar on the other hand isn’t so great. Sugar is a sign of a hard time and/or jealousy and loss. Since the sugar came in such large quantities, it means that you feel as if you’re close to losing something important to you. The butter represents good health and successful plans. All together it looks like you have a plan of action that you feel will be successful. This plan will most likely introduce you to many different people, but you’re afraid that something will go wrong when you reach whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. Such as one of your new acquaintances coveting your newfound success, or rivals doing what they can to sabotage you.

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Answered By: Noble Mora(1 points Novice)

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