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Robots and Death

In this dream I was the daughter of a scientist. the man who was my dad in the dream was not my real-life dad, he was sort of a new character. He was creating a robot and had been working on it for some time. He had now completed it. There were also these two chips, sort of, that would plug into the robot’s brain and they had a difference in how his brain worked and his personality was. The robot looked a lot like a person, but he was a lot stiffer and he had metal and wires in his head, and one of the two chips. My dream-dad activated the robot and put in one of the chips. The robot seemed excited at his new life. I think he sort of knew my dream-dad already so he must have been on a little before but i think this was the first he had been fully operational. The robot put his hands on my dream-dad’s shoulders, and he crushed my dream-dad’s neck and killed him before my eyes. Dream-me was very certain that the robot had done this accidentally, being unfamiliar with his own strength and still figuring out how to move around and all that. I told the robot that he had not meant to do that – I didn’t ask him, I told him, because i had no doubt. But it also felt like there was a part of me that was outside of the dream-me, and was just sort of watching, and this part of me had doubts and thought the robot may have intentionally killed my dream-dad. This part saw the way the robot agreed with dream-me and said it was an accident and thought he might just be going along with dream-me because that was what she wanted. To this part of me it seemed that the robot did not understand why she was so adamant that the killing was unintentional, and maybe he didn’t even understand what he had done. Or maybe he was confused as to why she was supporting him when he had just killed her father. But for dream-me, the robot was my friend and I could not imagine he would do that intentionally. I also knew that no one else would give him the benefit of the doubt, and I would have to flee with the robot and protect him. Maybe dream-me was right. I also knew that the two chips could have made a difference in whether he had intentionally killed my father or not, but i could not figure out which was which. I knew I had to if I was was ever going to prove the robot’s innocence. And I really, really wanted to prove the robot’s innocence. Maybe I didn’t want to lose my dream-dad and my robot friend at the same time. I enlisted the help of some boys who had been around in earlier, mostly hazy and unconnected, parts of the dream to give the robot some of their clothes and disguise him as a human. I think they were going to leave with us. Then we were running out of the building, and there were already people trying to hunt down the robot, and we were trying to get through the crowd and away.

Posted 4 years ago

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