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Running like an animal on all fours

I have had a dream numerous times in which I am a four-legged animal of some kind. Don’t know what animal. It is first person POV, so I am viewing the world from this animals perspective, through it’s eyes. I am running across what appears to be open land, with some smallish hills. What is interesting is the way I am running. I am reaching out with each paw, anchoring my nails into the ground, and propelling myself forward. I am moving very fast, running very fast. That is all the dream is.

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

You could possibly be a therianthrope (or therian for short), which is where someone believes that they have the soul of an animal other then human. I am a therian myself and have gone through this when I first Awakened, or came to realize I wasn’t human inside. Many therians have dreams like this, and this is commonly what serves as their Awakening moment.
This could mean that you are nonhuman in soul (if you believe in souls, that is, a lot of therians actually don’t but still identify as that animal), but hey, I’m just handing out a suggestion :)

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