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Running on all four

This is a dream I have had for months now, at least thrice every week I dream the same … In my dream I have to go somewhere, it’s very important for me to get there, I dont know if I have to pick something up or meet with someone, there are people who give me the news about it but I dont understand who they are, they just give the news and I start running like a madman to get to the unknown point, it’s dark -night time- some buildings seem familiar, eventually I realize I cannot longer run any further, I have the mental disposition and the physical fitness to do it but I can’t summon the energy to keep moving my legs, so tired of trying to do it I start running like a dog or tiger, on my 4, and I run so fast and with such agility that I start wondering why didnt I try that before… finally I reach the target point or somewhere near I wake up!

The dream is so vivid that I can smell the car’s exhaust gases, feel the ground under my hands and the physical exertion on my shoulder and chest’s muscles. Please help me, if you know of any possible interpretation and its recurrence.

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (11)

Interpretation #1

The dream conveys the message that you are pursuing your target goals without putting in the right thinking. The fact that you got some clues from random people and you go hunting for the place signifies that you are desperate to reach the end and you fail to plan your movements. So, it is time that you wait, make the right plans and strategies and after you have made the right action plans, work on them as they will help you find the right ways to success. As for hopping on all fours, it shows that you are ready to do all you can for the sake of clinching the game.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I have had a similar dreams over and over and over I don’t know to many details just that all of the sudden I am running extremely fast, so fast that when I leap I fly a far distance and land back on all four hands hitting the ground first. Then I continue to increase my speed as I run up hill until I reach the peak and run off the edge and fly a greater distance and again land without any injury. Another thing is I always make super sharp precise turns where i feel my hands and feet dig in to the dirt as I make the turns… Its almost like I am just running around on all 4’s through nature and its really fun I am not running from anything, and every time I finally realize that its not physiologically possible for me to run at the speeds let alone on all fours and I will get a few more uphill sprints and jumps where I am consciously picking the routes and jumps I do and the I am suddenly awakened. Its so fun and feels like I’m free when I am in this dream.

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I’ve had this same dream countless times. Its amazing how much faster I can move when I’m using my… Front legs/arms? I’m so used to this dream that I’ve actually gotten better at it.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

Wow the description to that last one, even your hands digging into the ground and pushing yourself with such force that you start to fly, I get the exact same dreams frequently. Any thoughts?

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

I too have been having these dreams. They have ended recently now that I have graduated and am out of college. But all through my college experience I had regular dreams about running on all fours, although, with a few differences from the other logs I’ve read about this topic. The dreams always started with me wanting to run. Not out of fear or urgency but instead with a sense of freedom and joy. I start running, somewhere outdoors, like any human would but at some point I want to increase my speed so I would switch to running on four legs. Transitioning from running as a biped to a quadruped is very enjoyable. It feels more natural in my dream to run on four legs than it ever has to walk on two in real life. Sometimes it gets so vivid, similar to other logs I have read. I can feel the muscles used to run on all fours, the texture of the ground as my hands/feet hit the ground, the breeze rushing faster as my speed does, et cetera. There is no real conclusion to it and it doesn’t seem to be a long dream.
I am not too sure how to interpret this but I realize many of the key factors: 1) Dreams occurred only in college.
2) Overwhelming sense of freedom and joy.
3) Transitioning from two to four legs.
4) New transition feeling more familiar.
5) Setting always outdoors.

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Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

I love this topic because in my dream I started off running in a group and I just wanted more than I just got on all four and begin sprinting forward fast. I also remember jumping on things as my fingers would feel like claws digging into whatever it was I was running on. The best part was feeling the breeze hit your face as if your going 80mph with your head out the window. Best dream ever!!!

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Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

I had this dream as well, But it worked out a bit differently. My girlfriend was at a bar, with another human, and no matter what I did or what I said to her she would not listen to me and she would leave me. And that, is where I got that sense to run. It was not out of fear though! it felt like the right thing to do! I simply just RAN away on all fours away from the situation. Like you guys said, I could feel literally everything from the ground on my hands to the wind in the air increasing velocity. Wicked dream.

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Interpretation #11 by Anonymous

just had the dream of walking on all fours. I cant recall the mission but I knew what I needed to do and was willing to do whatever it takes. I felt like a dogg, and had lots of bitches. towards the end something happened and people were after me. I ran across a 4 lane street in 3 leaps on all fours, and on the 3rd leap I had more momentum then I needed.. the people followed me inside of a meat factory or “meat distributor” of spoiled meat and when I found out about it, it wasn’t just me the people were after.

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