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Saving a Baby

For two nights in a row I have had similar dreams.. These dreams felt so real. The first night I dreamt that a family was driving through town. They were speeding around corners in their mini-van, which seemed to be extremely reckless for a family. As I walk down this road they turn on, they rip right past me. In the distance I see their van flip.. I run to this terrrible accident I just witnessed. As I get closer, I notice everyone is fine. They all get out, looking around in shock.. In the middle of the family was their baby laying on the road. Not more than 3 months old. They are start screaming because the baby isnt breathing. I run to the baby and start trying to bring air into its lungs. I tap the baby repeatedly on the chest. Nothing was working. I start to feel responsible for this childs life. I keep trying….. Finally this baby springs to life again……………….

The next night, I have a similar dream..
Im walking along a shallow lake near an airport. The planes take off just above this lake. A massive plane starts hitting the runway. As it is pulling its wheels off the ground, its starts to vier into the water….. Within seconds the whole plane is underwater, diving head first… At the airport, everyone is sitting around, almost as if they have ignored this plane crash….. Im the only one who starts swimming out from the shore to rescue people. I see no one. Its a feeling of being sent to an abyss. Dozens of people just vanish with this plane being engulfed under water…. I turn around and notice hundreds of people at the shore. Yet no one is accounted for… Their is no debris, luggage, nothing…….. All of a sudden I see a little white figure floating up to the surface just below me. Its A BABY… Right before my eyes.

Now the same thing happens. I grab this baby and do everything I can, with very little knowledge, to bring life back into it. When this baby springs back to life, I get a feeling I have never felt in my life. Its a joy I dont think I can even describe. A massive plane has just pulled dozens of lives under the water, and yet I forget about it. I was so absorbed with this innocent life which has been raised from the dead, I start to cry in this dream… I swim back to the shore, awaiting the masses of people. I hold this baby up out of the water, as if I have just won a trophy. It was a feeling of great accomplishment.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

If you have a nature of helping out others, the dream is replicating your nature. At the same time, if you are a mum, it shows the protective heart of a mum. If you are not a mother, the dream is urging you to have a child because as a mother, you will have such a fierce strength that may be yet unknown. You will do all that is in your power and even more to ensure that you can put up a strong fight and come out on top. So, motherhood is going to be one of those phases which you are sure to enjoy a great deal.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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