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Saving a puppy

I tend to remember my dreams in vivid detail, I’ve never known why but last night I had about 5 dreams and remember them all well. This is one of them

I was at a hotel/resort type place and decided to walk around the area. I found myself at the pool/lounge area. Part of the hotel’s activities included a “puppy” pool. I walked over to it and found about 20 puppies. At first glance I thought one of the puppies was sick, as he was moving very slowly and almost fell over a couple of times, He seemed very weak. Soon I realized he was just a mellow puppy and was caught in the midst of a nap, as he began to move more and engage with the other puppies. The pool was about 2 feet deep. I studied the pool a little more and saw a small puppy laying at the bottom of the pool, unresponsive and unmoving. I panicked and thought that i should find a staff member and wondered why no one in charge of the puppy pool was there. Now that I think back to it I dont think I saw anyone at all or heard anything in the area surrounding, like the hotel was completely empty. That lasted about teo seconds and I rushed to grab the puppy and take him out. I tilted him on his back and head first in a way that got water to drain from his nostrils. I kept doing this and would squeeze his belly gently to try and get more water out and it worked. Soon enough he started moving and got fussy from being held the way I had him on his back. I turned him over and pat his back like you would a baby and the last of the water got out. He was calm, but moving and breathing. I held him close to me and walked away from the pool. That was the end of my dream and it turned into a different one as I walked away.

This is the second dream in one month that I’ve had about saving a puppy.

The first one I had saved a puppy from a futuristic setting where puppies were sold in soda bottles, floating in a solution that had them in a sleep but would wake up once the bottle was opened/cut properly. They were sold at convenience stores that reminded me of the ones in poorer areas. It also reminded me of how people used to sell quarter sized turtles until it was banned. Well the store clerk told me that the puppy in the bottle would just be there or thrown away because the puppy bottles were going to be banned so they needed to get rid of them. I bought the bottle and the clerk opened the bottle for me and I got the puppy. I drove with him in my lap and I remember saying to someone in the pssenger side “I dont regret this at all.”

Any idea what these could be?

Posted 4 months ago

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