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Scared loved ones

Let me start by saying that I’m in the military as a reservist. I’m in school learning my job for the branch I’m in. In order to go home for Christmas, I need to fill out a specific form telling my chain of command what I’ll be doing while I’m at home. However, I almost forgot to do this over the weekend and was reminded through a dream.

In the dream, I saw a motherly figure (not my mother, a fictional character) who gave me a blank stare at first, then her face became ashen and her jaw dropped like she was terrified about something. I looked over and saw my grandmother (real grandmother) do the exact same thing. She looked blankly at me, then her face became ashen as well and her mouth dropped.

I awoke in a cold sweat, reminded about the form I hadn’t completed. Then came to realize that these two figures were linked in some way or another to me going home. The motherly figure (the fictional one) was on the computer screen as my roommates and I were discussing the forms we needed to fill out in order to go home. My grandmother (the real person) is the only person in my family who knows I’m going home.

With that said, its pretty straight forward that these two were in my dream, reminding me in a way that I needed to do the form. I was able to do it, as it was due at 7am and I woke up from the dream at about 5am. They also had a gaunt demeanor, as if they had been starving for a while now.

Naturally I woke up and did the form as I said before. But as I went to submit the form, a red flag popped up. I looked at the form again and the red flag said that I was taking one to many days off. Let me explain by saying I’ve earned 10 days that I get to go home. The request form that I send was asking to take 11 days off.

I could easily earn that 1 day back for the rest of the time I’m in the school house. As a reservist, it would be hard; but while I’m in the school house, my time here counts as active. Meaning I earn days off quicker while I’m here. Basically, the one extra day off shouldn’t matter… but it might.

Could the facial expressions and their overall demeanor mean that they’re disappointed that I hadn’t filled the form out yet? They thought they weren’t going to get to see me? Or could they be trying to tell me that the one extra day I’m trying to get for Christmas break will prevent me from coming home all together? (

Posted 2 years ago

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