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Scavenger hunt for the book of Truth

There is an island that holds the “book of Truth” and there have been people searching for it since this island was discovered. The island is also a tourist spot with beautiful cliffs identifying hikes. I’m walking around taking photos an d enjoying the site as a tourist when a girl comes up to me to help her look for the book with her because there’s a guy who we need to keep the book away from because whoever finds this book learns the Truth and gets their wishes fulfilled and this guy isn’t a bad man who we can’t let that happen to or we will all be in danger. So we’re walking along the cliff when I spot an area that I feel holds the book so I climb down onto the cliff face and reach into a little hole and bring out and wood box with carving on it and when I open it I see an ancient book. The girl yells to me to hurry because the guy is on his was so I put the book in my backpack and put the box back so if he finds he he doesn’t realize we took it. The two of us continue walking along pretending we’re only tourists taking photos while there are others who are hunting around us when the guy comes and starts stabbing and killing all those who are hunting but leaving all the tourist stuff alone. The two of us quicken our pace and continue tunning away without him realizing we have the book. When we’re out of sight we take out a map to figure out where we need to take the book and we hear the guy scream we run off realizing he found the box and as we’re going there are spots where the guy gets close to us and is stabbing other hunters and rummaging through their stuff. Finally we get to where we need to: this gorgeous beach area with soft sand and clear water and we head to the area where there are little huts with bars and stores etc and we find the guys we are supposed to give the book to. We give it to him and he flips through it and gives it back saying yes it’s the book now we have to touch the book to the word stone that’s in the middle of the beach at the exact moment when the wave hits it. We notice the bad guy coming over the hill so we run toward the beach with him not too far behind. He catches the girl and kills her as she tells me to hurry and I keep runnin. I’m close to the stone but the bad guy is closing in then I see a kind guy I know who is always studying this legend of the book and who was the first person to tell me about this place so I quickly give it to him and tell him he knows what’s to do, he looks astonished and says he can’t he doesn’t deserve to and that’s I made the one who found it, I tell him it’s ok, it’s his destiny now and to hurry so he stars running and just as the bad guy catches me and is about to stab me the kind guy touches the book to the stone just as he will waves are breaking around it and there’s a large flash of white light and I felt very calm then he dream ended.

Sorry this is very long but I had this the other night and thought it would be an interesting one to interpret.

Posted 5 months ago

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