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Last night I dreamt that I was with a man who I knew in the dream (he was a comedian in reality, from green wing.. If anyone knows that?!) who told me that for the next 24 hours he was going to occasionally want to kill me. He seemed to say it like it was something that he couldn’t help, and was sort of charming and jokey whilst saying it, which I liked in the dream. For a while it seemed like a joke and then I realised that I was in danger, but carried on being with the man anyway, at one point flying next to him so that we could talk without there being danger of him hurting me. It seemed like we were friends. Anyway after a while the man flew in to a rage, he thought I was asleep at this point, and began morphing in to different shapes and creatures very quickly, a really violent and dark image. In the dream I thought ‘okay now I understand, he doesn’t always want to kill me because he is schizophrenic and was trying to warn me ‘. Quickly though I realised that it could be me who was schizophrenic or psychotic and had hallucinated the whole episode. For the rest of the dream I went around trying to tell people (including friends) that I was ill or schizophrenic but the words that people heard were not the words that I tried to say and in the end I couldn’t actually tell what I was really doing or what I wasn’t .

Woke up in the middle of the night and have been pondering over this one all day..
I am quite stressed at the moment and have a lot on my plate, but this was really vivid and odd, so I would be interested to hear people’s opinions on what could be symbolised here?!

Posted 1 year ago

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