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Searching for my mother who has passed

The other night I had a very disturbing dream. My mother passed nearly 6 years ago, but in this dream everyone thought her to be missing and had run off. I was looking for her and went to see her second cousin(who is currently still alive). When I waslked in she was sewing with an older man(She is not married) and there were a ton of eucalyptus trees in her house. She told me my mother was there, but was out at the moment. She started explaining to me how in the middle of the night my mother had come knocking on her window and she didn’t know who was outside her window so she pointed a shot gun at her and went outside to see my mother crying on her knees with her hands above her head kneeling face down in the gravel rocks outside. As she explained I saw everything unfold from my third cousin’s perspective(My mom’s second cousin). I left and came back but she still wasn’t there, but still my third cousin told me the story again and again I saw it play out from her perspective. This happened three more time before I woke up. I didn’t have comforting feel I started crying out of sadness and I cried most of yesterday because I couldn’t get this dream/nightmare out of my head.

This isn’t the first time I have had a dream about searching for my mom and it always starts out the same. She is assued to be missing and has run away, but I always see her and she is happy and has moved on with her life…this one was different as I never got to see her and she sounded like she was in danger. It is really bothering me and I don’t know what to make of it.

Posted 4 years ago

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