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Seeing yourself dream, not being able to wake up, a black shadow was k

In my dream one of my really close friends was so sick she was going to die. It was some sort of blood condition and she confided in me and told me how she knew it was because she was anorexic and it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been starving herself. My mom dropped her off at her house and after we did I asked my mom if she would pray for her. Then we had to stop at a gas station. The gas station was really dark and felt wrong. There was only one light on in the building and suddenly it went out and I heard a scream. A dark shadow flew past us. And there was this moving clothing line only instead of holding clothes it carried cartons of gas. But then it started bringing in dead bodies. I saw a black shadow fly past again and I said “mom we need to leave!” And she was still putting in gas and she told me to hold on. As a kid I had tons of nightmares so I trained myself to know how to wake up. So I went to wake up and I couldn’t. So I started to pray and as I did I wasn’t in the dream anymore, I could see myself sleeping. I could see my mouth moving from praying in my sleep and I started getting further and further away from myself and I saw the black shadow sitting in the corner of my room. It started to come at me and then my alarm went off and woke me up.

Posted 2 years ago

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