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sense evil

Reoccurring dream of which I am aware of being a dream of which it is hard to wake and very stressful. In the dream, I am aware that I’m asleep and exactly where I am (even if I move to a different room, as I did tonight). I feel a presence of something dark or I am in danger of some kind. I know I’m asleep because it is so incredibly hard to force my eyelids open or to move a muscle or utter a sound. the presence is always evil. I’ve tried to look right at it even though I know I can’t really see it, but I am aware of it’s evil. it’s worse if there is any light on in the room I am sleeping in. it’s like the light allows me to actually see the darkness (a shape) that contains the evil, though it has no definable shape to it (it’s just there and it’s dark). When I finally wake in fear, because I am able to move or scream just a little. I have to get up and do something to wake completely up. that isn’t helping, as in my case tonight where I dreamed I was in my bed unable to move, but knew I wanted and needed to wake up but unable to do so. There was a dark shape in the corner of my room. I felt that it wanted to engulf me but it wasn’t actually pursing me. it was just there and made me uncomfortable and fearful, and I wanted to get away from it. I knew I had to get out of my room, which meant I had to wake myself up. my body was so heavy, it took so much energy to move my fingers. when I opened my eyes, but before I was able to sit up, I could still feel the evil presence, but couldnt see the shape. after waking completely, I realized my hubby had removed the black tape I had covering the blue led light on the tv. so I moved to a recliner in my living room only to experience the same dream, but was aware I was asleep in the recliner this time, and felt a dark presence in the room with me, but didn’t care to look around to find the shape because I knew it was there. I find it extremely hard to wake from these dreams and wake feeling panicked and exhausted. it’s always an evil presence and there are never any unusual or strange things that indicate it being a dream other than me knowing I am asleep. I am always exactly where I really am asleep at, in the same position I am really sleeping in. I am afraid to sleep tonight.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

To see some kind of evil presence or figure approach you and chase you means that you have allowed your fears to become very large. Fear has the power of crippling your soul and you need to understand how you can handle it in the best way. If you do not put up a fight and keep giving up, your fear is going to overcome your senses and it will destruct you entirely. Thus, this dream is a wake up call that is asking you to fight your inner demons that look to be getting stronger with every passing day.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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