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Shape shifting into a dragon, being consumed by evil and being betraye

Dream 11-11-14

I was in my old house, up in the Buttes. I was laying in my mom and dads bed, up in their room, on an iPad. Maeve was in the room too, playing with her toys on the floor. I was playing a game on the iPad. The game was where you could customize your own Dragon. (Don’t judge.) I created a fiery red dragon with blue tiger stripes. She had medium-sized, claw tipped wings and a long tail. She had fiery red eyes, and beautiful ivory horns. I clicked save with a sigh. ‘It would be so cool to be a dragon.’ I thought. I looked over to see the doors into the room open and (to my surprise) this random guy, my age, named Josh, walked into the room. I was unfazed though, and I simply smiled, put down the iPad and said “Hey Josh” -idk i guess i knew him- Maeve looked up and squealed “Josh!” And ran to give him a hug. He smiled and came over to give me a hug, (Ive gotten out of bed) and he asked me “How has your day gone so far?” I replied with “Pretty good.” He said “Thats good.” with a smile. I patted him on the back and said “Im gonna take a shower, be back in a minute.” He nodded and went and sat down with Maeve and started playing with her. -are we dating..?- I opened the door and walked into the big bathroom. I looked into the mirror, and felt dizzy all of a sudden. I frowned, and looked closer at my reflection. I gasped and yelled “JOSH!!” And blacked out. My eyes in the reflection were red and slitted like a dragons, or so I thought. I woke up to Josh looking nervously into my eyes. “Holy crap Taitum, are you ok?!?” He said. “Yeah, im fine.” I murmured while sitting up.”I have a wicked headache though…” I was still in the bathroom, sitting on the floor. Josh helped me up and we walked out of the bathroom and to the bed. I sat down and grabbed my head with a groan. My head, it hurt so bad, like something was pushing on my skull, but something was trying to get out. My arms, legs, and chest burned with a fire that felt like I was being pulled into two. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the pain grew unbearable. I opened my eyes and looked at Josh with helplessness, but he was slowly backing away from me with a look of horror on his face. Maeve ran to him and screamed as she looked at me. “Whats happening to me?!” I thought as I fell backwards into the bed, and everything went black. I woke up. As I opened my eyes, I realized I was laying in the middle of the room now, instead of on the bed. I was facing the tv, with the bathroom behind me and the doors into the room were to my right. I felt weird. Larger, more flexible. I had a lot of energy, like all I wanted to do is run forever. Then, I heard a creak behind me. I lifted my head, and turned to my right to see Josh opening the door. He looked at me with a weird expression. It was a mixture of fear, awe, nervousness, regret and horror. When I stood to my feet, the realization hit me like a blow to the head. I. Was. A. Dragon. I was filled with joy, because I was a dragon, then I was filled with fear, I was a dragon. Then I remembered Josh was standing there. I had this nagging feeling that this was Josh’s fault, so I looked back at him and said, “Josh. What did you do to me.” He looked horrified that I was speaking. I stretched my fore claws out and looked down at my foot. It was red, with blue tiger stripes and had ivory claws tipped each toe. I looked at him and gave him a toothy smile. He gulped and slowly started walking over to me. -The dream flashed forward- I was standing outside in the backyard, looking through a window on the back door of the garage. I looked around and decided to take a little fly-around. I ran a few steps, and unfurled my wings and pushed downward. I instantly started to fly in an upward slant. I was trying my best at flying, but it was alien to me, being human in my mind, but still I tried my best, you know, because i was FLYING. As soon as I was higher than the tips of the trees, I started soaring in long, lazy circles while looking down out over the neighborhood. As I looked out past some houses, I saw a pair of teens. Now, that I had a dragons eyesight, I saw it was Hailey and some boy. They were laughing and holding hands, having a good time as they walked down the sidewalk. I grinned and turned to fly back over to the house. As soon as I landed, I walked onto the porch and (don’t ask me how) opened the sliding glass door into the house. My mom, my dad and a few other people,( i don’t remember who) were in the kitchen and living room mulling around. My mom looked at me and said “Taitum, close the back door, its gonna get windy.” I did as she commanded, shocked at how nobody was flipping out because there was a dragon in the house. I heard this loud woooosh and turned to see a massive roaring wind ripping through the backyard, knocking over the chairs on the deck. There was this big ditch a little ways past the backyard and there were these huge wooden power lines lining the other side of it, and one was swaying with the wind. I watched it with nervousness, and then shock as it snapped at the base and fell toward the house. It landed two feet from the back door. I still stood there, in shock, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked over to see Ms.Jody -wtf- peering into my eyes, as if to be searching for something. Then she took a few steps backwards and put a hand on her chest like she was shocked. “Its Taitum!!!” She screamed. My mom looked at her and said “Yes, its Taitum.” Ms.Jody looked at my mom with horror and whispered ” And how did this changing occur?” My moms eyes widened with horror and looked at me, stricken. -Flash forward- I was walking in a school when I turned to a girls bathroom. When I pushed past the door, I saw that the bathroom was in disarray. I hear a squeal, and a little girl sprinted in between my legs and through a hallway. I was worried about the little girl, because she was at least four or five. So I made my way though the battered bathroom, jumping and crawling over and under random torn-apart objects, and eventually I came to a large room. It was dark, but in being a dragon I could see almost perfectly. The room was filled with old, broken toys and mutilated objects that were so torn apart I couldn’t decipher what they were. Creepy all around. The little girl was in a corner, clutching a ragged teddy bear, who was missing an arm. I go up to her and say “What are you doing here?” She looks up, without any fear and said “Im hiding from the principal.” I cocked my head and said, “Hey, I’m here to protect you, so your safe with me, ok?” (I have a feeling a little Matilida is going on.) The girl nodded, and clutched the teddy bear tighter. I bent toward her until my muzzle almost was brushing her nose. I nuzzled her cheek to make her feel better. She squealed with delight and went into a giggling fit as my breath flicked her hair out of her face. I rumbled, “Get on my back, ill get you out of here.” She grinned and mumbled a “mmkay” as she crawled onto my back. It was weird, the feeling was similar as to having a small child on your shoulders as was it to have her on my back. As soon as she settled down, she wrapped her tiny arms around my slender neck, grabbing hold onto these small grooves in my scales placed perfectly so she could hold onto them like handles on a rock-climbing toy. “What a coincidence!” I thought. (Coincidence? I think not.) So I crawled my way back to the door, the girl giggling the whole way. I pushed open the door and the girl slid off my back. She walked over to my head and I bent my head down to where she could stroke my muzzle. I looked at her and said,”Be safe, little one.” She nodded, picked up her teddy bear, and walked down the hallway.
-Flash forward- I was surrounded by a whole bunch of people from school in a large cafeteria of a massive school. The buzz of talking teenagers filled the air. I pushed past them, my wings folded tightly to my sides to make my bulk smaller as I nudged shoulders. I was surprised that my glittery, red-scaled hide didn’t turn heads, besides the fact that I was a dragon. Suddenly, I heard a “‘scuse me, ‘scuse me.” I look up to see Connor pushing past people with books in one hand, and a lacrosse stick in the other. I pushed over to him, until we were walking side by side. He looked over to me, actually, more like up to to me because our shoulders met. I asked, “Connor, whats going on?” He shrugged and said “Dunno. Im just heading to practice.” I replied with a faint “Ok…”. I sat down, and the crowd parted in a v like shape around me, so I could see Connor walking away. Suddenly, I felt a weird, sinking feeling. I felt spines down my neck, back and tail rise, but the feeling was just like the hair on the back of your neck prickling. I stood, alert and weary for any danger, when I heard a scream. I looked forward and saw Connor’s body hit the floor, books and his lacrosse stick sprawling everywhere. I let out a shout, but that shout evolved into a roar of distress as I leaped into the air. My super strong legs propelled me 30 feet into the air, and I quickly glided to the large circle of people surrounding Connor. They had formed a 20 ft circle around the convulsing form in the middle. Connor was curled into a ball, spasms wrecking though his body. His face was in a half-smirk-half-grimace of pain, and his body was crackling with this sickly yellow… energy type of thing. I cautiously made my way toward him, wings unintentionally half-open in case that a quick escape was needed. I felt a strong urge that I needed to, extract this… thing from Connor’s body, when Connor suddenly stopped moving. I froze too, as I watched his perfectly unmoving form lay there, little yellow lightning bolts of that energy leaping around him. -Flash forward- I had successfully extracted that thing from Connor somehow, but now I was outside of the school, under the large pillar-supported balcony that surrounded the entire outside edge of the school. I was chasing that thing, that now took the form of a large ball with multiple spikes of different sizes coming out of it, like a spiky comet, with its starry tail and all. I was hovering in mid-air staring at the object. Someone from below, (i do not have any memory of who it was) was shouting, “Taitum! You cannot do anything about it! Run away, escape!” I ignored the person in a stubborn will to protect the people from this form. (I later put together that this thing was actually pure evil, possessing and controlling who and whatever it wanted, turning them into some monster.) An idea clicked into my head. I knew what to do. So I took a final flap, and bulleted toward the object. It floated in mid-air for a second, and took off away from me. But, I was faster, so I reached out with my dragon’s paws, and grabbed it. It shrunk to about the size of a softball, but it was pulsing and burning in my grip. I started to float in mid-air, but I just curled in mid-air and squeezed tighter. It could never escape my tight grip, but then It realized what it could only do. It started to sink into my being. It felt weird, because you don’t actually feel pain, your brain just tells you are, so I was just curled there, floating, with this prickling sensation while I was being engulfed by that evil. The person there shouted “Taitum, no!! It will only take you and create you into a monster of mass destruction! You will destroy the world!” A different part of me said “So be it.” without me wanting to. But I struggled to say three words. I half-whispered-half-growled “But I’m expendable.” Then I fell into darkness. When I woke up, I was laying on the concrete, a few yards from where I was floating just before. But I felt weird, different. A picture popped into my mind of what I looked like, and It was terrifying. The red color of my scales was now midnight black/blue and the blue tiger stripes were now a royal purple. My claws,horns,teeth and spikes were now a blood red. I was the living, breathing image of Evil itself, in the form of a dragon. I looked into the school, and saw hundreds of teenagers. The weird thing is, I felt like I HAD to kill them all. Like, if you were trapped in a room with a whole bunch of people trying to hurt a baby you were holding, you naturally felt that protectiveness toward the baby and the desire to fight back, except everybody was the bad guys, and the evil inside of me was the baby. So I remember that I went on a rampage to prevent them from getting that evil that was controlling me. -Flash Forward- I woke up laying on the edge of a field, close to a fence. I was a normal dragon again, but I felt human. There were army vehicles and personnel everywhere, and part of the school was in a fiery mess. I somehow knew the army had destroyed the evil thing. I stood up to see my mom and Mrs.Jody standing there, looking at me weirdly. I went over to them and asked, “Whats wrong?” Mrs.Jody looked down, then up to me. “Taitum, do you remember doing anything with Josh at all?” She asked. “Um no, except he was at my house for some reason with me and Maeve.” I replied. “Taitum, do you know how the only way you could’ve transformed into a dragon?” She asked. “No…” I replied warily. She went over and touched my shoulder, and drew her hand back. “The only way you could’ve changed is by… that…” (Yes, that by meaning that action two people need to do to create babies that. T-T) I gasped and took a step back, as if I was struck. “She would never!” My mom screeched. I was horrified. “No no no no no no no thats impossible!!” I growled. “I have absolutely no memory of anything physical happening between us, besides ONE hug!!! I passed out and i woke up and then I shifted but I don’t know how long I was out, I don’t remember!!!” I was saying frantically, my words melting into gibberish. My mom stopped. She looked at Mrs.Jody then at me. “Do you think…?” She mumbled to Mrs.Jody. She slowly nodded her head. “What?!” I thought. “Are they saying.. that Josh…raped me?!?!” I roared with horror. “Nooooo!!!” I cried. My mom and Mrs.Jody cringed away from my distraught self. “Josh would never do that to me!”I screamed in my head. I heard a distinct snap. My head whipped to the left. Josh was standing there, halfway over the little fence. He looked at me. I looked at him. I searched his face to see if I found any guilt or remorse there. It was clearly written all over his face. It was true. Then I remember whispering to him, “I trusted you. How could you?”, suddenly running towards him, jumping high over his head and hurtling myself into the sky, my tears blurring my vision and my voice roaring out. My roars of hurt, shame and reject echoing in my head. Then I woke up.

Posted 2 years ago

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