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i Hade a dream that i was walking with my sister and a male and with a friend of mine. For some reason in the dream it was interpreted as two couples. As we were walking/passing bye , two guys (they are unknown i have never seen them in real life) started shooting at our backs and i fell the bullets but it was like they were not harming me. But then the guy i was with(i know him in real life) had a gun but the shot didnt sound like it was supose to. He had a big gun but the bullets sounded like he had a bb rifle gun with pump. so strange. when the shooting occure of course everybody scarered. The shooting happened in a house. but outside. Its something simmilar to a balcony but it has a roof. Then suddenly i didnt see the guy , my sister or the guy that was with my sister. I was alone and it was as if the people didnt recognise me. The tho guys were dead i think and people was talking about it. I was passing by in the street and suddenly there was a guy standing outside of his house and he got a call, it seamed like one of the guys was his cousin so he was furious and they were telling him that there was two couples and they came by the house and then the shooting started and that the two guys were killed. I didn’t know the neighbourhood so i was asking for directions. I remember feeling so scared but that i wanted to confess because i couldn’t keep the secret. Because i knew who shot the two guys but i just couldn’t say anything. it wasn’t even about that i was scared because they would kill me but it was more about i cant deal with the injustice. it was like a burden. Then one of the guys finaly was going to show me the way but he tricked me and i had to go on my own. i came buy a strange house it was likethey were harming people there , they were telling how i was suppose to walk and then the dream changed i felt like i was in a walking tour( those that are like a guessing game that you have to complete tasks so you can gain points) and then more people came and i had to do a task.

i hope someone can help me understand this dream it was the strangest dream i have ever had.

Posted 12 months ago

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