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Shooting, killing and chase.

I can vaguely remember that someone is talking to me and then he shoots me in the back, but I can’t remember who it was/ what he looks like. I blank out for a minute and next thing I’m making my way along a dusty road (like the flyover near home) and someone comes by my side to help me. I tell them that the gunshot wound doesn’t hurt and see that there isn’t much blood, which confuses me. I can;t remember how this happens but I then end up back with the person who shot me and a similar event occurs, he speaks and shoots me multiple times in the stomach. Again I’m walking along the dusty road and I’m holding my stomach, where again there are gunshot wounds that don’t hurt and haven’t bled a lot.

Can’t remember much after this and this may be a new dream but after walking along the road I’m no longer injured and sitting in a boat. (Throughout the dream the place I’m in feels like some kind of boarding school).

In the boat we’re rowing? across this kind of murky water, I think there’s 4 of us in the boat. And for some reason I throw one guy into the water and he drowns. To everyone at the time it looks like he fell in. But over time people become suspicious and start to blame me. I’m scared and am sure it was an accident and feel the need to get away. There’s a random point when people suspect it wasn’t an accident and attempt to reenact the scene. The people in my boat are odd with me and there are random strangers watching at the side (All very weird). After this we go to changing rooms and I here someone mention my name. So i quickly grab my stuff and leave from a random back entrance. The guy follows, asking for me. Next I’m in the rafters of somewhere, and have to climb around narrow beams to escape. I can see the man below in a library, he is tall, balding with black glasses and a cream suit and is coming towards me, i swing to a lower level and realise I can’t go into the room on this floor because there’s a class in there and they’ll be suspicious of me so I run down a staircase while the man following is distracted with another student and out of the library. I come across various people helping me now. the first distracts the man, another helps me through random baguettes (xD) that I’m snaking through on my stomach but he’s fast and keeps up with me. Eventually a woman distracts him enough while I run through another set of doors and meet up with some people who are helping me. One I recognise from sitting by the waterside earlier. We stand on this thing that starts to levitate, shrug, and I finally feel safe. And then wake up. weird, very weird.

Posted 2 years ago

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