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Shot and chased

I have deju type dreams that while I’m in the dream I realise I’ve been here before and it’s feels like another chapter in a book / episode to suspense thriller show. Which is always me being chased or caught up as an innocent in a crime gone wrong scenario where I’ve seen something I shouldn’t of and now I’m being chased and in fear of my life. But every dream I always manage to hide or get away until last night. In last nights dream I actually got shot in the chest and played dead then got away. I was alive but had been shot and I still remember my hand on my chest to stop the bleeding and I’m running and it’s night time. And then I hear a group of guys and couple of girls (like in there early twenties, I’m in my thirties and they are saying She looks like a Jew (and because I am Jewish I feel this sense of panic, and aggressiveness from them, like they are going to beat me up), I stop and spin around as they approach me, one hand on my chest and slap my other bloody hand on the shirt of one of the guys who is closed to me and say “I’ve been shot, I’ve got to get home or I’ll die, if I die my dna is on you and your dna is on me” and I scratch his arm deeply. More happens after this but it is all fragmented…they end up helping me to protect that guy but other sinister things happen and it’s like another story line is starting.
I woke up feeling like it actually happened and my hand on my chest and thinking how real it felt that I was shot. All day I can’t shake this dream. Why am I always getting chased in my dreams and why this time did I get shot.

Posted 3 weeks ago

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