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shot at but never hit

Tonight I had a dream that I was in some kind of hotel with my cousins and we were just sitting in the room when for some reason I just walked out side. I walked down the hall where I noticed a bunch of people where (walking to the elevator just as I was) all of the sudden a women in a black suit turns the corner and just starts shooting everyone in site killing everybody with extreme accuracy. I ran away from her in the other direction but I was soon stuck in a sort of coldisac type of part of the hotel where there’s many doors to rooms in a circle the women eventually found me and shot at me point blank 3 times but missed every shot (she had extreme accuracy with everyone else so it was weird) she was out of ammo and frustrated so she grew her attention to knocking down one of the Doors and killing the ppl in it. I ran for my life to warn my cousin and our friend. We left the hotel and tried to keep a low profile because we thought their was a hit on us. We soon walked to the hotel across the street just to get a Room. The dream paused and when it Unpaused me, my cousin and my cousins friend were sitting in a sort of closet in the coldisac room I was almost killed in. I kept yelling at them telling them we had to get out of their asap but they didn’t listen cuz they thought we were safe with all the cops at the crime scene (sorry for it being long) a kid turns the same corner and pulls a gun and kills every cop. He soon finds me and the others and tries to kill me point blank like the women and he misses. That’s about it

Posted 5 months ago

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