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Shot in head hostage situation

To start off I was with my boyfriend and his family at Universal Studios but my dream version of the park. I remember there were life like dinosaurs so life like they were out to kill us, so we had to escape. So after escaping we go to the hotel or whatever this place is and it’s like there is a class going on. I forget the subject they were discussing, but I chimed in. There wad this man dressed in a trench coat and hat just very suspicious off the bat. He was chiming in on the discussion too. After that I go to the bathroom and everyone I was with had left and I come out and there is another man saying “were gonna kill 30 people right now” and it didn’t seem like there were ever 30 people there. So I’m wathing him go one buy one shooting the other people in the room until he gets to me where I then beg him to not kill me and then he does. My dream still continues after this to where I was somebody else and back home. I had to return tho because I took my cats with me for some reason and they were left there after I was murdered. So I go back and explored the place a little. I passed by this room and a lady jumped out at me eho said she recognized me and to help her get out. Anothet lady like a worker was there (it didn’t feel like a hotel at this point) i hid so sh couldnt see me as she spoke with thr other lady. I rushed out with a pen and stabbed her with it killing her. After that I see a large man coming out of a room down the hallway and grab a gun leaning against the wall. I start to get close to him and he tell’s me not to follow. I waited a few moments and then went the same way he did. It was down some stairs and there were a lot of girls sleeping on cots in rows. I searched for my cats finding 2 of them and I took them to the car. I went back to find the other and then everyone was awake. They tried to help me, but u never found the other cat. This other lady in charge walks in and realizes what’s going on (and she must be magic) and puts us all in this box. To us it was like a small little town confined and we couldn’t leave. Just trapped in a tiny world. That’s where I woke up.

Posted 2 months ago

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