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Shot in the head (dying)

I was with my fiancee standing by a fence and there was someone else there but I did not know this person. A bunch of guys speaking spanish carrying guns came out of nowhere and shot the other person then looked at us and said something in spanish. I could tell they were saying like what do we do with them, they just saw us kill that guy. Then I looked at one f them and said “aqi we no see nothing” the one guy said ok you no see nothing and started to walk away. I was so relieved because I thought they were leaving. Then one of them other men came over and grabbed my fiancee and I by the arm and started walking with us. I said no I just told that guy we saw nothing, its ok we won’t say anything. He told us to go stand against the fence. The fence was short, a little above waist height. He came up behind me with a silver gun that had a silencer on it, put it up against my head and pulled the trigger. I immediately slumped over the fence and felt a little pain and a very warm sensation on my head. I could literally feel the blood coming out of my head. I could feel myself slipping away, I was getting tunnel vision but I could still see a little. I looked over at my fiancee still standing on the fence and I just was thinking mod no this can’t be the way I die, maybe I’m going to be ok, can they save me? I just got shot in the head how and I not dead, maybe they can get me to a hospital. I could tell that I was about to lose consciousness, I was trying to say I love you to my fiancee but nothing was coming out. It was so realistic and scary. I literally woke up and started bawling crying. The weirdest part was that this dream was in the early morning and I had woken up right before the dream and was just falling back asleep so wen the dream happened I was in sort of a sleep/wake state. This was beyond a dream, I can’t even describe how real it felt. I even still had pain in my head when I woke up. I am still disturbed by this dream. What does it mean?

Posted 3 years ago

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