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shot in the head multiple times

i had a dream where i was a convenience store clerk late at night talking to my friends, when all the sudden this young skinny tall guy with white hair comes in and starts trouble with my friends. he then pulls out a gun and shoots me in the head. i fall down, but within seconds, i am alive again. almost like having the ability to move time backwards for my body, as i get up again he laughs and shoots again and the same thing repeats. then the friends tie him up and put him in a van with 3 rows of seats. i sit in front of him. although he is tied, he still manages to pull a gun to my head. i quickly take it away to find he has another pointing at me and this repeats one more time until all he does is touch my wrist and rub it with his fingers. we stare at each other not saying a word. (i felt my skin shudder in my sleep the touch felt so real.) as we arrived to this weird port area behind one of the store houses, he makes a break for it and grabs me. we keep running until hes pinned me down in a dark area between the storage units and pulls a gun out, smiling, and continues to shoot me in the head, but each time i just come back to life like nothing happened. and all i can hear is while hes laughing, “why wont you die?” i dont get this dream, but for me to remember it so vividly, it must mean something. i looked up the little things but i cant put it together. if someone has an idea what it may be about, go right ahead.

Posted 1 year ago

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