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Sickness and Nauseousness

Basically I was at school and for some reason I had to go to counselor’s for reasons unknown. When I went there three of my close guy friends were there (while one was out of uniform and dressed in all pastels like pastel goth with socks on?) and of course the counselor. It didn’t appear like we were in trouble but while entering, two of them looked very sick to their stomach like they were going to heave at any moment as they moved a bit in their seats out of discomfort and clutched their stomachs at the same time. The counselor didn’t really seem to care about them but I was in fear (since i have phobia towards sicknesses), clinging to my healthy friend slightly, and only wishing that I could get out of there as fast as I could so I wouldn’t catch what they caught. Though when partially waking up I remember, not totally, their reason for being so sick was possibly because of eating a whole box of old twinkies? This is not even my first dream I had of people getting sick either. In another dream, I was on the school bus going on a field trip while all of a sudden, different kids started vomiting and feeling sick to their stomachs. My friend, who was sitting right next to me, was also starting to feel sick to his stomach and was trying to hold whatever was trying to come up. I remember being really scared for my health and wondering if i was next.

What could this dream of sickness and nausea that my friends had mean and what could it possibly mean for myself?

Posted 3 years ago

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