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sleep paralysis

My dreams are ALWAYS scary and horrific. They’re awful and gruesome and I want to get out so bad but I can’t wake myself up. I haven’t had a good dream in a very long time. Over 5-6 months. I just lay in bed waiting for a proper time to get up. I ask people to stay up with me because I’m so afraid of sleeping.I would rather not sleep at all than see or experience any of these dreams.
And when I do sleep, I wake up during the night many times and can’t ever sleep. Maybe 1 hour here, I’ll wake up, maybe 2 hours next, and I’ll wake up, and another hour, I’ll wake up. It’s like that the whole night. I have BOTH sleep paralysis (the unable to move while fully awake aspect) as well as the having to pull myself out of falling asleep in fear that i am heading into a nightmare or that something evil is going to happen if i allow myself to fall into this sleep. Sometimes, after pulling myself out, (and i literally use every bit of my being to do this, straining to open my eyes, which feel like they are being forced closed) I sense an evil presence, like i’m being observed from somewhere in the room, by what, i don’t know, but it feels evil. Despite my efforts in resisting sleep, i will fall right back into this falling asleep feeling fear thing and again, struggle like a mofo to pull myself back out again! sometimes this will carry on like 4 or 5 times before I finally get up out of bed, or turn the TV on or call my mom or someone who may be awake to talk. It’s so dang scary and I feel like if I were to go with it, and allow myself to be taken into sleep, that something bad is going to happen

Posted 3 years ago

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