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Something is dragging me down and I am fighting to get awake

This doesn’t happen often. It probably happend less than five times, but more than 3. It’s scary. I have a dream, then i try waking up. I know I’m awake. But I can’t open my eyes or talk. The scary part about it is that everytime I had this type of dream I felt this really strong force pushing down on me. I felt some force restrain me from getting up. This only happened when my door was closed. Must be a coincadence. But I’d like to know what’s happening. I know the force part is not part of my dream. I could actually feel it.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

It sounds like sleep paralysis, but also sounds like you could be afraid of not having a voice/opinion on important matters or not having a way to get out of certain situations.

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Answered By: kgray8(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #2

What you are experiencing could be a night terror or Pavor Nocturnus. It\’s not a nightmare but a state between wakening and dreaming. This website compiles a lot of information: And Richard Wiseman\’s book \”Night school\” has some useful information as well. Night terrors are rare and are considered to be stress related. A strict sleep schedule is supposed to help. As kgray8 mentioned sleep paralysis is another possibility. But I\’m no doctor and recommend consulting one if those episodes make you feel anxious and/or exhausted. Sleep well!

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Answered By: sleepypie(3 points Novice)

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