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So, I had a dream.. Just now actually.. and the dream was I was with my online friends and I was in a room.. it kinda felt like I really poor bad hotel.. it had one tv that wasn’t on, a bed and a small couch.. that was it.. and randomly.. there was this grandma and her grand daughter.. it looked like a new grand daughter considering it was a baby. And the baby.. was talking..? We ignored them and talked…. But Basically, the baby said “can we go home” and the grandma said “sure” but when the grandma picked her up, it looked like the grandma’s face was lifeless and started to melt.. The grandma fell down to the ground.. It was like the baby sucked the should outta her.. The funny thing was.. The grandma looked like my grandma and the baby looked like my new niece, Lily. So after insane the baby literally kill her.. The first thing I did was grab the demon baby and throw her outta the room, slammed the door and locked it. Then in said “okay, let’s all jump outta the window” because I was scared of that demon getting to us…. we gathered around the window.. and I said “who wants to go first” my friend zoie said “I can’t.. I broke my arm”. I didn’t want to go because I felt like they would leave me behind and close the window after I jumped.. so I said “ally, you go first” and she shook her head.. then in said “how about Jay, Jay.. You go first” and Jay (jayden) said “fine..” So he went to the window.. and that’s where my dream ended… I wanted to see what it meant because it was so weird and unexplainable… please help me see what this means

Posted 7 months ago

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