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I was walking down a few flights of wooden stairs, and when I got to the last set, the stairs appeared slightly rotten and I remember thinking “these must have been eaten by termites.” I was fearful of walking down that last flight, but just as I decided to go for it and run down the last set of stairs, I stepped on the gravel at the bottom which turned out to be (what I thought were) termites. The bugs then seemed to be ticks or some circular grey insect that climbed up my legs and burrowed under my skin. I woke up in a panic.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

Your dream is a symbol of the upcoming troubles which may bring your ruins. The fact that you knew about the danger before but did not take any action to prevent it signifies the lack of opportunity attack. As you were aware that there could be termites, but even then you marched ahead and thus fell among them means that you have imminent danger which you are aware of but you are disregarding it at the moment. It is time to learn from your mistake and take your guard and try to protect yourself from such mishaps. The only positivity from the dream is that you are not scared of the threat because you had the courage to walk through the last stairs, so you are sure to go down fighting as quitting is not meant for you.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

going up spiral stairs then coming down with a few people then going up again alone and  an unknown little girl is there waiting then coming towards me, i am scared so i begin running back down the stairs, she is not chasing me but as i decend i skip a few steps , every one has gon and as i reach the bottom of the stairs finally the door does not open. I am in an unknown building, spiral stairs mad of stone i think will alluminum bannisters like a building would have i think

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