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Strange labour dream

In my dream, I ‘wake up’ in a hospital bed in what I know to be a labour ward although it is just a windowed room with pregnant women in beds randomly placed around.
Anyway, I speak to a midwife when she asks me what she can help me with and I tell her that I’m having a baby, she scans me, congratulates me, and tells me that indeed I am having a baby.
A few minutes later, my water breaks and a group of midwives come up to me and say that although I am in labour, about to give birth and the baby looks great, they aren’t sure that I am actually pregnant and then they leave.

The strange part is (besides a midwife confirming pregnancy with a scan during labour) is that I sit in the bed for a while before waking up worrying that it will be like the last time when it turned out that I gave birth to nothing. I remember it vividly in my dream and it really upset me…I have actually had that dream twice (well, very similar and identical until the first midwife. First time; I was told that although I’m in labour, the baby is still a doll, so go home. The second time; going through labour, giving birth and then being told that the baby just disappeared as I gave birth and I wasn’t really pregnant) and dream me is remembering it. Is it a recurring dream if the dream slightly changes but dream you remembers it?

What would that dream mean anyway? I know the normal pregnancy dream is a change in yourself, but that doesn’t seem right, I’ve had those straightforward dreams before.

I don’t think it was lucid as although I remembered tge previous dreams, it was like remembering real life.

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

Sorry, when I say I woke up remembering, myself in the dream remembers after sitting there all worried and confused, not sure wht I wrote woke up again, obviously I remember tge dreams.

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Answered By: Ooga booga(2 points Novice)

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