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Strange man

First let me say I have a pretty solid memory so this is a bit long since I rememberd most of the entire dream.

I’ve had dreams in the past of guys ,usually they ended with a not so happy ending in fact they ended in heartbreak.
I tied them to my real relationships which makes me wonder about the dream I just recently had. The setting was a bit weird , I should clarify I usually never have pleasant dreams they’re usually filled with dread and misery,but this one ,it was – different. I didn’t want it to end and once it did I was devastated.
Ok so in the dream I worked in this sort of lab like a futuristic some sort of plant lab. There was testing of exotic toxic plants and insects. I went out in this forest with a woman ,i think she was my superior at the lab. We collected the plant we needed and headed back to the lab ,I never did see how we got there or how we got back. Back at the lab I had went to change because I had touched the plant , I quickly took a disinfect shower and three my dirty clothes in the trash. As I was walking down the hall I noticed this guy ,I didn’t see his face through out the entire dream but I remember his voice and his hair color (blonde) he treated me sort of like a friend but I didn’t feel close to this person for some time.
I had realized that I had left my satchel in the vehicle myself and my superior had drove earlier,I knew other people from the lab were heading out soon on a field trip excavation so I hurried and dug around in the vehicle for my bag. I heard a noise and tried to hurry up. I had finally found my bag ,and I was backing up when I landed on someone’s lap. It was the guy with the hidden face. He seemed a bit frustrated, he treated me a little like a child or an annoyance at first and then he was calm and I was about to leave but for some reason I went with them. It was him and another guy and a women. She was the blonde guys girlfriend. But he never seemed happy with her throughout the dream. She never hung around him except during one short scene later when me and him are talking. As we are in the vehicle I notice we’re in the city , the lab was actually two units one in the forest and one in the city. It looked like New York or Atlanta. We were heading to the other lab.
When we got there I stepped out and I didn’t see the guy anymore for a while. I contacted my superior and she gave me work to do from the lab in the city. As I was back at my place ,it was an apartment but everyone I worked with lives there. I think it was the lab and there was apartments for the workers. I was laying out exhausted in the couch when the blonde guys walked over to the balcony. He was yelling on his phone with his girlfriend . He ended it with her. He seemed stressed.
I tried to comfort him and he thanked me. For some reason I just went back to the couch and laid down. He just sat there for what seemed like hours . I don’t understand why but in the dream it made perfect sense, but I wanted to comfort him and make him smile as if it was the most important thing . I couldn’t bare to see him so hurt.
Another part I remember is when there’s an explosion and my superior gets badly burned. I walk in and I’m screaming and asking what happen , no one was answering they were in a scrambled shock. But then he appeared again , he explained what happen and he held me right as I started to cry. I felt safe with him and I also felt he was becoming protective over me. The last scene I remember is when I’m in his arms. The memory of that part of the dream is very blurry. But I do remember feeling so happy and content. The thing is it didn’t feel like the dream was over but just beginning as cheesy as that sounds.

Posted 12 months ago

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