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Suicide of Important People

My dreams usually involve death in one way or another (in just the past week I’ve dreamed about beating someone with a baseball bat at school and nothing was weird about it, which was likely because I had watched a reenactment of Al Capone beating one of his men with a bat at a dinner party, and I had also had a dream on a different night about me having a twin brother who went missing, and I found his dead body in my backyard) but last night’s dream was a bit weirder. In the dream, one of my childhood friends who I’m still in contact with despite moving commit suicide. I found out by walking by a building that had candles, a picture of her, and a piece of paper that said “R.I.P. Aly”. I knew she had commit suicide with a drug overdose despite not being told this. After that, I had discovered someone I watch on YouTube had commit suicide and I kept hearing audio clips of his telling his room mate stuff along the lines of “You don’t know what it’s like” and “Just leave me alone” and then the YouTuber slamming the door and there’s a loud thud, then you can hear his room mate running over, trying to bust down the door and calling out his name. All I could hear was the audio of this, I didn’t see the actual scene. And then I cried a lot, more than when I found out my friend died. I shut my eyes and suddenly I was by the room of the dead YouTuber. I didn’t look inside, I just took my phone, stretched my arm out, and took pictures, then looked at them without going into the room to look at him myself. I woke up after that. When I awoke, I was shaking and was convinced that my friend and the YouTuber were really dead and wasn’t entirely convinced they were alive until I texted my friend and checked the guy’s channel. I’m so confused at why my dreams are like this. I just want some insight.

Posted 11 months ago

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