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Tall black aura outlined shadow figure

I saved this dream and still have yet to come up with an interpretation,
January 4th 2011

Well it was me, my bf, bill, joe and mike in my bfs apartment
They all felt bad spiritual pressure coming from his room and outisde the apartment and wouldnt let me near the door and his room.
Well I had to get something near the front of the door, so it was mike, me and pj in a line near his apartment door when mike yells to pj to move.
Pj pushes me out of the way as this big huge black aura outlined figure guy came through the wall at me then materializes so you can see him and he still has the black aura.
Anyway he tells pj ‘shes gonna hurt you’ im just sitting on the floor cuz he pushed me away dumbfounded because I would never hurt pj.
This is all happening really fast too but after pj pushes me away and the spirit says that it punches pj out of the way and then comes after me and starts pounding on me and then I wake up.
I was so scared, sick to my stomach and for a second before I can get up to wake pj I couldnt move, it was like spiritual pressure on me, I felt really sick to my stomach shaking and crying. I was very sick the rest of the weekend.

It was the first night I spent at his house that I didn’t wear my cross to bed.

But now that I keep seeing this figure he looks familiar, ive seen him b4 but I haven’t you know, like either in a dream when I was little or in a past life.

Keep in mind I just became a Ghost Hunter, I know what to do and not to do.
My first investigation my hair was pulled and my name was called which was later caught on the recorder I was carrying.
Since I joined I have been meditating more and lots of activity happens to me with no one else around. I understand there are skeptics, I was one of them but when you have your own personal experiences then you know. There is more to life then what we are used to.

Please help me understand this dream, please and Thank You!

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (3)

Interpretation #1

When there is danger lurking, it is easy to perceive it if you have great insights and this is clearly reflected by your dream. It is clear to see that you are battling with different issues and concerns. You dream with people who are close to you and you can sense that you are all in danger and this is clearly highlighted by the aura you feel.

You don’t have the courage that is needed to face any inevitability and this is why you remain dumbfounded as the black aura figure comes towards you and attacks those you love. There are many forces at play in your dream, there is good and evil. You have to decide what is going to carry the day.A ghost hunter comes across numerous challenges and as such, you need to find your inner self and decide if it the right cause for you.

This is also an indication you have a guilty conscious. You cannot figure out what or who the figure is and this is because your mind is not attuned to your inner being. You might be temped to assume that you understand what you are doing but it is clear to see that this is not the case. That is why you went to bed
without your cross and your indecisiveness to move and act fast also shows lack of confidence. Take this dream as a warning of what to keep in days ahead.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

Well i had a dream i went to go see a psychic and she told me i had abit of that psychic in me and i told her i dont want to know whats going on in my future because i felt like i knew it but didnt want to get involved and i sences my aura was  black and saw the black aura around me what can this mean ?

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

thanks, S2L. it lretaincy felt significant but still don’t quite know what it means. Listener review good, photo not so good. too big, for a start. & hairy. do you still retain that dream at will faculty?

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