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Teeth and Hair Falling out….

This last week Ive had some pretty terrifying dreams! I always wake up in tears! The first thing I dreamed was that my teeth were falling out….I be had this dream before many times but not for a long time! A few nights later u dreamed that the top of my head was almost bald! Ive dreamed that clumps of hair were falling out before but this one was different….the hair had already fallen out and I was almost bald! Last night I dreamed I was driving up a very steep hill with my Dad in the car with me. We were following my Mom who was in another car. My Dad and I fell backwards and I hit my head….ended up going to the hospital where they stuck me in a chair and ignored me so I left….My Mom had pulled off to the side of the road and was fine!!! I dont understand what all of this means except that I gave a lot of stress in my life! My Mom passed away almost a month ago and Im trying to take care of my 92 year old Dad while dealing with a lot of pain issues! Ive had the steep hill dream before too but again, not for a while!

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Definitely you are heading of many ailments- perhaps stress related, they may be minor problems but since they will come together they can really debilitate you. I think you are not taking care of your own health as much as you should , getting stressed out with caring for your dad and from the recent loss of your mother, push up your nutrition girl go for mood enhancing food and prep up your vitamin and mineral intake. Get your current residence exorcised, for the possibility of a dead soul obstinately resting there. They are not always harmful But their presence itself causes
stress to our unconscious and their unfulfilled desires affect our emotions and over time results in a personality change. Best is to change to a new , airy, well-lit house and religiously observe house -warming rituals before staring to live or shifting your things to the new abode, even if it is a rented one Take to Hindu style Yoga and chant SuryaNamaskar mantras daily for a year at least you will feel light at heart and your health will improve. Pray for father everyday whatever your religious practices are

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