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Teeth falling out

In one way or another i keep having dreams about my teeth falling out. They always are slightly loose before coming out and the feeling is very vivid. Always in different situations, one time it was because i was in a car accident and other times its for no reason at all. It really freaks me out though.

Posted 6 months ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

If you already have teeth problems or one or more missing teeth you will see this dream throughout your life. But it might be that you are on the verge of getting pyrrhoeia , getting into bad habits like colas which erode your enamel and other bones over time, or you are suffering from an overall deficiency of calcium , or deficiency of vitamins important of gumhealth or anyother factor which will rwsult in acute sensitivity og the gums very soon . you might have had a tooth infection in the past or unaware of a recent tooth infection that is eating into the enamel while you sleep ,try doing regular mouth wash and get cured for tooth infection if any,
If no such physical cause, the prediction is you will get unexpectedly more money from somewhere but lose prestige in some situations simultaneously. I f you repeatedly see this dream, every time you see it there will be a similar situation , a rise in material status but loss of respect in your immediate company; the reason may not be you– you may just happen to live among the wrong kind of people, just as the additional money will not come exactly by your present efforts, but mostly through luck

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Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

existing dental or bile problems, not washing mouth before going to bed or dealing with a particular stressful situation for over week ,usually is the underlying cause of such dream
you may enter into fight with colleagues or neighbours without being responsible and lose reputation, enter unholy liasions (for e.g. taking services of a whore), and if there is no health problem dental or otherwise, if you see this for more then five times in a decade , towards the end of the decade you may make a significant investment i.e. buy property e.t.c which may not prove lucky but will significantly change the course of your life. while you will rise up the ladder of maerial success you may also get cheated by scrupulous people who will also cause much ignominy. Be careful of the company you keep from here on

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