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The devil. maze. boyfriend. masks.

The dream started with my boyfriend and I running into a hotel. Kinda run down. Almost all glass walls. Were in a panic running up flights of stairs. The stairs are never ending. Going through hallways and all the elevators were broken …it was almost as if I was in a maze. We needed to get to the top of the hotel. As were running an elevator opens. My boyfriend runs in and I try to make it but I don’t. So now its just me. I keep running up the stairs and passing these midgets drapped in blue or red fabric wearing blue or red masks. I needed to stay away from them. They walked so slow. I’m sneaking past them running up what seems like a million flights of stairs. I could feel eyes on me through the glass walls like I was being watched. Eventually I make it to the top. Instead of a door…there’s a window. I hop through and land on a bed. The bed was covered in smoke and it flew everywhere. And right then I realized I was in “Lucifers” room. Keep in mind I am not religious and refered to him as lucifer. Not the devil. So I land on the bed. Smoke is everywhere. And I’m trying to find a way out. Even though I clearly made a big effort to get up there in the first place. I found this white tunnel shaft with a ladder that went all the way down to the bottom of the hotel. I’m trying to squeeze through and I see Lucifer. He had a red face almost a spitting image of the demon from the movie insidious. I’m squeezing thru the tunnel. All the midget people walk in. And as they walk in and I’m struggling to drop thru the shaft, I wake .

I am not religious. I have not seem insidious in a very long time. I do have depression issues and did right before this dream. My boyfriend and I are having issues. All the backround info I have. Help!

Posted 2 years ago

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