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The girl from the ring

In reality, I am absolutely terrified of the girl from the ring. I was scared of her before I ever even tried to watch the movie, so I was scared before I even knew what she looked like. My dad finally convinced me to watch the movie, to show me that it\’s actually really corny and not scary, but after watching it I started having horrible nightmares. If I was able to fall asleep, all lights in my room needed to be on and I had to have my mom in the room when I fell asleep. A few years have passed and I still dream about her, but they aren\’t nightmares anymore. My dreams now are recurring and they get longer each time and I usually have this dream about once a month. It starts with me searching everywhere for this girl. I always find her in a tall abandoned brown building during the day time. But when I find her, she isn\’t scary looking. She\’s a regular looking girl with long dark curly hair. I convince her to stay with me so she doesn\’t have to live in an abandoned building. So she comes to my house (in real life I live in an apartment) and I start talking to her. She tells me she only turns into the scary person when she\’s upset or scared. Then all of the sudden we are running away from the police because everyone is trying to kill her. I spend almost my entire dream running from the cops with her to protect her. Then at the very end I ask her if she is able to control it at night because I don\’t want her to kill anyone in my family, she looks at me then I wake up.

Posted 1 year ago

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