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The Lost, The Lion & the traitor

Some context, past few weeks I found my now ex was cheating on me, I was with him for 7 months and I knew I didnt love him, but he was my best friend for 6 months prior to the relationship which is the only thing im upset about losing and feeling abit inadequate as a person too. And the woman whom was best friends with my mum and raised me as a child died the night prior. And Her son the same age as me I promised to look after
So the first part of the dream I remember being in an arcade with some close friends and we where wondering around and something wasnt right, I was uncomfortable. I went in a simulator type thing with a friend, which friend though I don’t know. And the simulator started spinning incontrollably. Throwing us everywhere to onlookers shouts of worry, but I had tight hold and was making sure my friend and I wouldn’t get hurt.
Then it cut to me randomly waking up in a desert full of scarp metal, completely isolated and lost. And I look around at the spaceship I come from, wrecked. Anyway, the guy who’s ship it was said he wont be able to use the ship ever again so he would have to build a new one from the metal in the desert. Oddly enough he was the doctor, out of doctor who for some absurd reason.
But with this, I was a lion. Not a lioness, but a mattered and dirty Lion and as time went on I grew into strong and powerful Lion with the mane growing long and beautifully, joined by two other male lions who I knew where close friends.
It then cut to A party at my grandparents house, a welcome home party as I had been missing for a year in that desert. Random people I know over the years came up and lined up in front of me as a group to welcome me back. I said My hello’s and turned to someone and asked if my ex was coming. And as I said that he walked through the door, where I told him to go and leave, which he seemed to be annoyed at. It gets very vague but for some reason he didnt go but I kept trying to get answers and having petty arguements about what happened concerning our relationship. Then it got to the point where I was about to snap at him while he was sat on his own instead I sat on his knee facing him and just hugged him, he seemed hesistant at first but in my head I thought there was no point in arguing as it gets nowhere this is best.
After that though everything else is fuzzy. I really cant work out what that means.

Posted 3 years ago

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