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The moon is turning evil…

At the start of the dream, me and one other person are sitting atop a roof, looking at the sky. The person whom I’m sitting next to is someone I don’t know, only because he/she is robed with a hood. We first see fireworks starting, The first one exploded, and looked like a giant blood moon. We watched it slowly disappear. The second firework shot up to the sky and exploded as well, and again, it turned into a blood moon, but instead of disappearing, it started to fall and head away from us. The third did the same, but headed to our left. The final one once more turned into a blood moon, and headed straight for us. As it got closer, a mouth and eyes appeared, as if it were aimed straight at us trying to devour us. I moved out of the way and the moon barely missed the other person as she had tilted her head. I look back up at the sky and a fourth blood moon appeared, and with a bloody smile, looked down to us with sinister eyes, then I awaken. I’ve never had a dream like this and I feel like this means something, thanks.

Posted 2 years ago

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Interpretation #1

maybe you have strong feelings for someone and someone always gets in the way.

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Answered By: Cappelen(4 points Novice)

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