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The moon orbiting around the earth.

First off, I would like to state that lately I have been having dreams with people in them that I do not know. I can see their faces their bodies and I can speak to them but I have never met them in real life.

In my dream, my girlfriend and I have come from what looks like grocery shopping. My dog takes of chasing a rabbit and I get mad because she is not listening to me so I yell at her. My girlfriend gets mad at me for yelling at the dog and goes inside the house. (I have never seen this house before but it seems to be our home.)

I stay outside and I am looking up in the sky in broad daylight and I see a “planet” that appears to be the moon but kinda looks like another “earth.” As I am looking at the moon it begins to spin then appears as if it is shooting towards me about to crash into earth but then it drops into the horizon and reappears in the same location. It repeats the pattern 2-3 times before it stops. When it stops, the moon appears to be far away. (The reason I say that it appears to be the moon but it looks like another earth is because from far away it looks like the moon but when it’s coming closer, it looks like our planet earth.)

I run inside of the house and there are people (the ones I’ve never seen before) and they are talking to me about food and I ask them if they saw the moon. Everyone says yes but they are acting nonchalant like this is a normal occurrence. I looked out the window and I see multiple planes hovering very low in the sky. As I run outside the planes begin to take off. I look up again and I see the moon and it appears to be very far away and to the right of it there are two other planets appearing that I’ve never seen before. Out of nowhere my father appears and as I am showing him the sky I wake up from my dream.

Normally I pay no mind to my dreams but I have never had a dream like this one before. The fact that this is another dream with people that I don’t know and also with the whole moon thing, it has me kind of freaked out. Can someone please shed some light on what this dream may symbolize or represent in my life. Thank you for your time.

Posted 2 years ago

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