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The mysterious guy and the magical road

It was a long path ahead us that looked never-ending with super tall trees at the two sides of the path . It should be in the morning as it looked bright , obviously . I can’t remember his face , it was very faintly in my vision but I just know ! I JUST KNOW that he was handsome , average height and had a muscular body . Not a super muscular one like Running Man ”Kim Jong Kook” , but just a normal ideal type build body . He was wearing a white t-shirt . We were walking together while chatting happily then he suddenly had his right arm over my shoulders . I was quite shocked and surprised but the feeling was AWESOME ! I remember I looked over to his wrist while his hands were over my shoulders , I saw a black watch on his wrist . Then he ask me something which I had forgotten , I laughed at his question . I leaned on his broad shoulder and we continue to walk down the road that seemed neverending . The moment with him was so fantastic , magical and long . I feel very secured and happy with him at my side , very protected with him …..But of course the dream did not last long like the mysterious path we were walking on in the dream :( I tried my very best to go back to the dream after I woke up but I just could not . It is THAT wonderful that I want to feel his presence again , I want to dream of him again ! Does anyone know the meaning to this dream ? Or are there even meanings to it ?

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Possibly that you feel certain that you are heading in the right direction in life. The masculine and feminine aspects of yourself are in balance, and you are confident that you are continuously progressing and are becoming your greatest version. Your outlook on life is very positive at this time. You feel confident in your choices and actions. The colour black on the wristwatch may symbolize potential and possibilities.. While the watch itself represents time.. You feel confident that the possibilities and opportunities that life has to bring are plentiful.

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Answered By: haybay94(3 points Novice)

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