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The old lady with no eyes

I was baby sitting these little kids and my foster brothers kids and I was tucking em in I don’t quite remember everything but that’s what mostly happened. They were misbehaving and there was a point where everything was locked up in the house we were in all the doors locked windows to we couldn’t break out then something was after us I ran to the bathroom there was a construction man and I locked the door and told him to hold it down and he tried to rape me so I ran out and my sisters were freaking out and I was trying to escape then I went I’m the kitchen to see the back door an I saw another foster brother of mine and he said it was a fail for the backdoor so we were at the front door at the house trying to fix it I think I told the little kids to run first but I don’t remember well .
So we got outside in a panic we saw people so we went to ask for help and I saw a lady but then she had no eyes I took a quick glance and looked down she was after us saying we have been bad and started to chase us I said I know we have since u know our life has been bad and she didn’t hear me I guess and she point to down there hell I guess I don’t know .
And we ran again scared and we saw relics that the Mexican corn on the cob sellers had a tamales too so I threw it at her to prove a theory I had that maybe spirits or something don’t like it or can’t hold it cuz she kept throwing it or at us then a pervy street vendor that I thought was going to be helpful wasn’t he tried to take my clothes off & the lady came and her ran off scared then I woke up scared

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

This dream shows that your life is a bed of commotion. There are too many events that are a part of your life and it is up to you to sort out the mess that it has become. You have to analyze the direction in which your life has swayed and when you do so, you will be able to gather the right momentum. You should not be wayward because lacking direction can make you get messed in various ways. If you are involved in a lot of work at once, you will not be able to handle all of it and it can turn out to be a wreck.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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