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Actually met him with some other people,and i actually talked to him and told him to say Happy birthday to his daughter for me, and iwanted to take a picture with him he said okay when i wettwent to getmy camera the batterywas not working,but tried toreplace it.

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Meeting a president suggests that you can hope to have a long awaited dream come true. A lot of people dream to meet a president but it hardly turns out to be true. Thus, this dream means that if you have been nursing some desire since a long time, the odds are high that it can turn out to be true. Thus, it is a happy dream with positive thoughts. Do not give up and try to strive hard in order to meet your goals. You have to believe in yourself if you want your dreams to turn true. It also means that there is a chance of promotion at workplace as the dream hints that you could be enjoying your own time of fame.

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