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the same two women over and over

I am a single man in my late 40’s. I keep dreaming about the same two women over and over. In the dream I wonder who they are but I am not surprised when they show up. Unfortunately, they are about 80 years old.

Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Women in dreams usually symbolize caring and nurturing. If the dream takes on a negative tone, it can be an expression of negative attitudes about women in general; such as they are weak or moody.  When men dream of women it may represent their own mothers. It also can be a reflection of the female side of their own personalities.
What are the women in the dream saying or doing? If the dreams are sexual in nature, it could mean you have an affinity for older women and are experiencing guilt about it. More than likely, however, the older women reflect your thoughts about the aging process. Since the women are familiar to you it probably means that you have accepted the inevitable fact of getting older. Even so, your vulnerability regarding the unknown future is expressed by your feminine side; which manifests as women in the dream.

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Answered By: Dreamsolver(24 points Dream Interpreter)

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