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It started out with my and my older brother at an amusement park and he said we should ride this scary horrer cart ride but at the end of the ride security escorted us out to light and i was in a dark movie theatre helping a young brunette to her seat which she thanked me for with a kiss. when i opened my eyes after the kiss i was in a large expensive looking velvet hotel with my 2 bestfriends. we ran to the top floor and were shot at from someone on another building , they missed but we ran back to the lobby were i was challenged by an old man to a trivia game based on energy drinks(i dont even like energy drinks) when i beat his quiz he gave be 6 pixie sticks which me and my friends divided evenly, after eating the banana moon flavored sugar i awoke in arcade with 2 quarters in my bluejeans. i placed the quarters into a western shooting game and began playing, suddenly a beautiful blonde with a french braid came up from behind and began flirting with me it was then when i woke up from my dream.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

The dream is discontinuous with a lot of unrelated scenes. As you see yourself moving from one place to another and being chained to some or the other things, it means that our life is an ongoing journey. You may end up wasting it in senseless pursuits that carry no significance in the long run of time. The dream is urging you to contemplate at the roads you have taken and the ways in which you can sort out the mess that you might have made of your life. So, you need to gather the right momentum and work in a way that will help you find your right bearing.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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