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Tornado/Tsunami same dream

I was at my old house in the country. Outside messing around by the garage and tornado hits. I can feel the pressure and me almost getting sucked up. I run into the house after tornado and look out the window and see a tsunami coming. I don’t see the first wave but I hear and feel it hit the house. Look out the window again and see that another wave is coming and this time I watch it hit the house and can feel the water so I run upstairs. Then I can feel the house moving back and forth and look out window for last time and see that Im flowing downstream in my house. Wake up in a pool of sweat and couldn’t breathe.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

To see a tsunami devastate your life indicates that there are upcoming troubles for you. The dream is asking you to be prepared for the upcoming problems that life will throw on you. Even with some amount of preparation, you may not be able to handle all the problems and this is the reason, you have to make sure that you are doing your bit beforehand. Try and be prepared for the problems that life will throw on you and then choose the best ways of handling the troubles as well. The dream is hinting at the possible problems and the troubles that look imminent.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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