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Transforming and hunting as a werewolf.

It was a full moon. I was in a restaurant or kitchen place that had many stories like 3. I knew some of the people who were there. I told three of them to leave and they did because they knew something crazy was about to happen. All of a sudden, one of my pack members started to transform into a werewolf. I told him to breathe through it so it wouldnt be so painful. More of my pack members began to transform. They all listened to my advice. When they all transformed, I transforming into a larger, darker, slightly hairier version of their 4 legged werewolf formswe didnt look like regular wolves, more like werewolves from the show Being Human. I talked to them telepathically to tell them that there were humans in the room above us. When we got to the room, I snarled and commanded my pack members to feed on the humans. We killed and devoured every last one of them. My pack members saved the human hearts for me but I shared them. I let out a long howl and they responded with more howls. Then, I lead them to the forest so we could hunt and kill more. In the morning, we woke all naked but we didnt mind because we knew that the night before was exhilarating and also that we are that close of a unit. When we killed the humans, I felt amazing. I never felt stronger before. It was a really good feeling….. Explain to me why I would dream this and why I would feel this way.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

It is a rather strange dream but what it really conveys is the fact that there is an animal inside all of us. You need to know how to battle the beast and keep the animal instincts in control. We can all create huge damage and end up creating havoc. However, when you see things in a different way and you have the power to curtail your senses and be strong enough; this is exactly how you are going to deal with the different problems that life is going to throw on your road. The animal inside of you needs to be tamed.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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