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Two beautiful spiders luring to them

I posted this on another site and no seemed to care or answer me but had no problem answering dumb dreams bout spiders that were yellow and falling around ppl idk every spider dream but mine was ansered insulting to say the least. So I copy and pasted it here. -Crystalynn
2014-11-16 21:59:52
Last night I had a dream about looking up into a dark closet and finding two large hairy spiders one that was the size of my hand and another that was the size of my hand in a fist they to me were both beautiful to look at each in their web appropriate to their size the smaller of the two being above the bigger one, then somehow the closet lights up n I am not myself anymore but rather closely observing the two spiders as if I am a ghost then the bigger one crawls twords the smaller one and I can tell the biggest is going to eat the small one instead of having a scared feeling for the small one I have an excited hot feeling come over my body wich I feel like is the wrong feeling to have, these two beautiful spiders start to fight the little one is struggling and I want to smash the biggest one for hurting the smaller one but I can’t I can’t move my hot excited feeling still lingering I feel a warm smile come over my face when the large one quickly and easily bites into and kills the smaller one The smaller on drops to the floor defeated and dead as I stare at it, then I look up at the one who won an overwhelming feeling of shame excitement happiness nervousness calmness and welcoming feelings all hit me at once as the spider opens his arms n whatever I am flotes twords it n everything turns black but I woke up with all those crazy feelings and still can’t shake them what did this dream mean n why Is it stuck with me all day? Plz let me know ?

2014-12-16 8:39:08
Hey just seeing if I got any answers about my dream I had the Same dream 19 times each time I’ve had it I’m either holding the spiders or watching them in that odd closet The mixed feelings stick with me after everytime I wake up from the dream and everytime I wake up from the dream it goes black before I open my eyes and I dramatically wake up like a looney toon I sit straight up and open my eyes while taking in a Rly deep breath. It’s a strange feeling to me considering I can wake up around 6 in the morning and do this or 3 in the morning from that dream I rly don’t get it and I wish someone would convey some kind of output on what they think it means if it means anything at all. On top of wich I was not telling a story I was telling you exactly how I felt about the dream and playing the dream out for you So you would understand everything I understood My friend thinks that it’s a waste of time to look into spider dreams and she thinks I should forget it but when I do I’ll dream it again wake up from pitch black darkness again it’s strange dude I can’t shake it its a dream for crying out loud I’ve had dreams for 24 yrs but what make this one keep reoccurring and giving me mixed emotions that I can’t get rid of its not a nightmare it’s just a very observant dream , my kids have nightmares and get emotional from them I have a night mare and go back to sleep because sleep is rare to come by these days however this dream stays with me and I think about and try to understand it better and I can’t and there it will stay stuck in my head all day with scattered emotions from it

Posted 2 years ago

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